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Working with Kyle to file my cross-border taxes has provided me with tremendous peace-of-mind. Always quick to respond to my questions or concerns, Kyle exudes professionalism and good, old-fashioned customer service. His knowledge and expertise in cross-border tax services has drastically improved tax season for me and has made me a client for life!

Carissa Youssef

Kyle Lodder is a knowledgeable, professional and personable tax accountant. He completes work in a thorough and timely manner. I would highly recommend him for all US-Canada cross border tax accounting services.

Sandy Kisilevsky

Kyle Lodder was a lifesaver when we finally found him in 2014. When we moved to Canada in 2011, we did not understand the issues of filing tax returns for both Canadian Taxes and U.S. Taxes.  We went to a couple of different tax accountants in Canada who both said they understood the issues. They did not. By the time we found Kyle, we had a huge can of tax worms to straighten out.  Kyle was amazing and managed to get us back on track tax-wise. A huge undertaking. He is very responsive and answers each and every e-mail and phone call very promptly.

I would recommend Kyle to anyone, but especially people who live in Canada but have income from the U.S.  He truly knows the tax laws for both countries and knows all the correct forms to file.

Dawn McCormick

I arrived in London in 1963. It wasn’t until I received an inheritance in 2014 (inheritance that I would not been able to collect until I caught up with never filling any American tax returns), that I knew I needed help.

Kyle came to my rescue! He was direct and told me what I needed to do in a way that I understood. To my relief everything was sorted quickly and painlessly for me. I don’t believe anyone could have helped me as much as he did.

Nancy Fouts

The US tax code can get very complex, especially for someone coming from abroad. Kyle assisted me in doing all the necessary filings on time, always with the utmost professionalism and courtesy. It has been a pleasure to work with him.


I am a professional Realtor with over 30 years experience and truly understand the value of hiring the right person for the right job. As a Canadian I recently needed some specialized tax advice with respect to potential U.S. Federal tax exposure as related to a property I held in The United States. In fact my U.S./Canadian accountant recommended Kyle Lodder to me as a specialist in such matters. The matter was of some urgency and I needed some advice in a timely manner.
Kyle promptly returned my call and assured he would research the matter and get back to me quickly. He did just that. He was prompt, professional, fast and cost effective. Kyle’s service allowed us to proceed with confidence and lowered our stress level considerably.
I will definitely be using and relying on Kyle’s professional services again.

Will McKitka

Owner of North Rose Holdings Ltd