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US Citizens Abroad

US citizens living abroad – “expats” – are required to file US tax returns to report their worldwide income. Though this process is daunting, Lodder CPA has the knowledge and technical expertise to help you navigate these complexities.

US Residents

US tax residents are taxed similarly to US citizens – tax is paid on worldwide income regardless of where it is earned. While the vast foreign disclosure regime exists, there are many distinctive tax differences. We guide you through these differences.


Nonresidents are required to pay US income tax and are typically required to file US tax returns on US-sourced income, whether rental income, sale of US real estate, wages or pension income earned in the US. We can take care of your tax prep.


US businesses and foreign businesses with US activities may have US tax and reporting requirements. Lodder CPA is capably positioned to assist with the tax needs of closely-held businesses.

What We Do

Lodder CPA provides highly technical U.S. international and cross border income and estate tax preparation and consulting services to individuals, businesses, estates and trusts traditionally sought from regional or national accounting firms. While large firms may shift your needs to a junior accountant and neglect to provide balanced personal and professional care, our standard is to successfully strike this balance and provide you with “small firm” attention. We are personable and hands-on. Technical yet practical. Easy going yet timely and responsive. We listen astutely and will never simply pass you to a junior accountant.