Nonresidents are required to pay U.S. income tax and are typically required to file U.S. tax returns on U.S.-sourced income, whether rental income, sale of U.S. real estate, wages or pension income earned in the U.S.

Lodder CPA’s services include but not limited to:

  • Tax preparation of nonresident federal individual income tax return preparation (Form 1040NR)
  • Nonresident state income tax return preparation
  • Assistance with reducing or eliminating “FIRPTA” (or state equivalent) withholding following the sale of U.S. real estate
  • Aiding nonresident taxpayers in obtaining a U.S. tax identification number, which is necessary to file U.S. tax returns
Please note that we are unable to prepare Canadian or non-US income tax returns.

Visit our blog for more detailed information regarding nonresidents investing in the U.S.