U.S. businesses and foreign businesses with U.S. activities may have U.S. tax and reporting requirements. Lodder CPA is capably positioned to assist with the tax needs of closely-held international and cross border businesses.

Our tax preparation services include, but are not limited to:

  • Corporate income tax return for U.S. businesses (Form 1120) including foreign tax credit calculations
  • Reporting foreign ownership related party transactions (Form 5472)
  • Corporate income tax return for foreign businesses with U.S. activities (Form 1120F)
  • State income tax return preparation
  • Partnership or Limited Liability Company tax return preparation (Form 1065)
  • Foreign partner withholding on U.S. partnership income (Forms 8804/8805)
  • Compliance with Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) reporting (Form W-8-BEN-E)

Our common tax consulting services for businesses include:

  • Entity structure planning for investment in the U.S., considering U.S. income and estate tax implications to ensure the proposed structure aligns with client’s business and personal goals
  • Planning associated with entity classification elections and U.S. disclosure reporting with the goal of creating a U.S. and worldwide tax efficient structure
  • Merging U.S. business tax planning with individual, estate tax and immigration considerations
  • Analyzing and utilizing tax treaty benefits to reduce or eliminate U.S. federal income tax